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Razo Cleaning Services provides reliable, high-quality home cleaning services to Marin County. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or monthly home cleaning service our trained team is here to help. We can save you time, so you can focus on what matters to you!

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 Marty Murpy, Larkspur CA

Kathleen Clifford, Marin CA

 I've had the pleasure of working with Lupe, Raphael, and their team, for 15 years. If ever there was a 'one-stop shop' to care for my home, and family, the Razos are it! They've done so much for us.

Lupe & Raphael clean my home, and business, carefully, and meticulously/thoroughly, every time. When I couldn't stand my dirty windows and screens anymore, Raphael set to work, washing every story of our house's windows/screens to a fresh shine that has lasted.

In addition to cleaning my home, and business, Lupe has looked after the most precious of all, my children. When the kids were younger, I cannot tell you how comforting it was to have Lupe babysit. We knew the kids would be happy, well-fed, and she'd even tidy up after they went to bed. They still adore her as teens, and always look forward to saying hello.

Finally, Lupe and Raphael have helped serve/clean up at events me, and my friends. Many from our neighborhood in Larkspur enjoy working with the Razos. Truly, they are like family to us.

I highly recommend Lupe, Raphael, and the entire Razo team!! They do an outstanding job every time, and always at very reasonable rates. Book them now, before their schedule fills up!

Lupe Razo and her team have worked for me both personally and professionally (with my real estate clients) for 18 years. Lupe’s team primarily does cleaning for me and often will do move in or move out heavy cleanings for my various clients. They are very responsive and flexible in ever-changing environments, which is much appreciated. Raphael does window cleaning, again for me and clients, and is a life-saver as well. He does great work. Years ago, when my children were of an age where they needed babysitting, Lupe did that as well and my kids really like her. I would not hesitate to recommend Lupe and Raphael to anyone!

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House Cleaning

Window Washing

Razo Cleaning Services has been keeping my home immaculate for 18 years. I can’t imagine anyone doing a finer job. They are thorough, hard-working, and take great care with everything in my home. They have an amazing attention to detail, and go the extra mile. They also listen — when you have a special request, it’s always carried through as you asked. I trust them 100% and would never use anyone else - they are the best! 

Razo Cleaning Service has cleaned my windows for many years and I would never use anyone else. They are completely thorough — when they are done, the windows are crystal clear and the windowsills and screens are also spotless. They take great pride in their work and it shows — I recommend them to anyone who is seeking a fantastic job at a fair price from someone they trust.  


House Sitting

I have known Lupe Razo for more than 18 years, and I can’t imagine my life without her! There is no one kinder or more trustworthy. She has cared for my children for many years and they adore her! When I leave my kids with Lupe, I have complete peace of mind that they are safe, cared for and in the best of hands. 

The Razos have been housesitting for us for many, many years and I recommend them wholeheartedly! We have two dogs, and the Razos take such wonderful, loving care of them, I think our dogs are actually sad when we return! The house is always spotless and fresh when we get home - cleaner than when we left! I wouldn’t use anyone else and I feel so lucky to have the Razos in our life!

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Cheryl Pole

I have been working with Razo Cleaning Services for the past 17+ years and have been extremely pleased with their excellent work and attention to detail. They take cleaning houses to a higher level. The team is comprised of honest, hardworking professionals who uses great care when cleaning your home. Additionally, they take the time to understand your requirements and work them into their personalized cleaning routine.

I trust them completely and would highly recommend them for house cleaning and the other services offered — window cleaning, pet & house sitting. Razo Cleaning Services will clean your house WAY better than you can :o), take care of your pets as if they were their own, and carefully manage your home and any details you need while you are away. They do it all… wonderfully!

Kelli Dunaj

We have worked with the Razo family for 10 years. My husband and I had just gotten married and moved into a new home in Mill Valley when we met Lupe. Lupe and her crew started out cleaning our house once a week. Over the years our relationship with Lupe and her entire family has grown to resemble something more like a complete support network, including housekeeping, childcare, house-sitting, pet-sitting, farm-sitting, professional window-washing, professional organizing, and personal assistance.

I regard them as a luxury “life management” service. They have so many talents and bring such positivity to everything they do. They are an extended family to us at this point. We quite literally would not be able to function in our lives without them. They have supported us through the birth and growth of our child (now 9), countless major life events, family crises, work emergencies, illnesses, a huge move to a ranch in West Marin, new puppies, baby chicks in the garage, you name it. They have always been there for us and bring love and joy to any task or situation.

Not only is the quality and attention-to-detail in their work flawless and impeccable, but I trust them completely. Lupe takes her sense of ownership over her client’s families and homes to the next level. She is a very serious and responsible business person. We feel so blessed to have met the Razo family and honestly, I cannot say enough good things about them. When you can leave your child, animals, and home in someone’s hands and totally relax it is an amazing and rare gift. The Razos are utterly priceless in what they provide their clients. If you are looking for housekeeping, or any other homekeeping or “life management” service, look no further!